Voices in the mirror start quietly
now they're screaming back at me

You're a fool if you think you were born to be waiting while you're hating what you're waiting for.



One of the ways that childhood poverty marks you well into adulthood is the constant feeling like you have to be contributing something valuable to society and being more productive than all your peers every single day or you’re just some anonymous poor kid who grew up to be exactly as worthless as Fox News thought you would be

And the awareness that the structure keeping you out of the abyss of crushing poverty/houselessness/being a random corpse is way more apparent and fragile to you than it is to others giving rise to this sense of scrambling up a glacier only to slide down over and over so unless you work really hard and do something rad as fuck and make a bunch of money—you are that worthless and that anonymous homeless corpse will be yours!

Poor kid worries vs middle class worries

things that have existed before tumblr:

  • transgender people
  • nonbinary genders
  • asexual/aromantic people
  • pansexuality (and other sexualities besides hetero, homo, and bi)
  • otherkin/therians
  • social justice movements
  • feminism
  • people being problematic
  • privilege

so if you want to attribute this non-exhaustive list to just being WHOA TUMBLR CR*ZIES then maybe you should start saving up for that surgery


the one to remove your head from your ass


"you probably wont be otherkin in 6 months anyway" okay you know what hellhoundkin is fucking pretentious trash . wow


i pretend to be punk rock but im really just a vaguely emo indie pop kid who loves fall out boy a lot


Okay so I found settings that let me make almost perfect pencil strokes. :O I wanted to test it and Then I colored it with Colors I got from Uni, Koipi and Ameku. \o3o/


I found this brush and I got carried away with it

best brush evar

FireRed team update!!

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i gave up on the face so it just turned into a series of awkward shark girl


like yes, I agree, girls are 500x better than boys, but let’s stop pretending that straight girls are not giant homophobes 9 times out of 10, and do remember that they are absolutely prone to ostracizing, undermining, bullying, harassing, outing, attacking, and assaulting lesbian and bi ones


*truscum voice* you must pass 100% of the time or youre Not A Real Trans